hometown glory

2013-01-14 13.42.30

Fun fact: I almost named this post “We Believe in BS”. Not because I think this mural is BS, but because the country code for The Bahamas is BS (a little-known  fun fact in and of itself). This was a temporary art piece put up on the boards around a construction site. I saw this when I went home for Christmas/New Year’s and thought it was beautiful. I then proceeded to spend several minutes walking up and down the road taking pictures. When I went home again, it was gone. Sad face. Although in it’s place was Pompey Square – the desperately-needed public square in the heart of Downtown Nassau. Happy face. Bonus fun fact: the road this was taken on is called Navy Lion Road. For some reason, I think that’s funny…

hometown glory

nassau//the bahamas

january 2013


4 thoughts on “hometown glory

  1. Loved this one. I met with one of the leaders of Nassau’s revitalization project after this mural was completed. Little factoid about it, the (Bahamian) leader said that he had tried really hard to get other Bahamian artists involved with sprucing up the wooden boards. So, it was initiated by the coordinators of the revitalization project as they were constructing the brand-new Pompey Square. But – what’s more interesting – is that the local artists that he approached were not interested in being involved in the street art project. This piece was actually done by a visiting person from the US. The US guy just brought his own spray paint materials and asked if he could paint something, and it was completed within one day.

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