risk is fun


Nestled in the small city of Sommerville, Massachusetts, is a Target (as in the store selling everything from cardigans to toothpaste to cereal). I saw these train cars sitting behind said Target and had the irrepressible urge to take a closer look, thinking that the cars were long abandoned and thus the tracks were nonoperational.  So I – along with a friend who’s kind of like the same person (in the sense that they’re also obsessed with graffiti, instagram and all things urban) – scaled a brick wall, squeezed through a hole in a chain link fence and walked along the train tracks to get pictures of this. About two minutes (no exaggeration) after we crawled back through the hole, a train whizzed by. Guess they were still in use. My bad. I guess next time I shouldn’t make assumptions – you know what they say about assuming. Not that I wouldn’t do it again….

photo (1)




july 2013


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