from switzerland with love


So I always like to add a little anecdote about where a given street art sighting took place, what I think about it etc. etc. This is one that I didn’t actually see for myself, so I’ll have to leave the storytelling to someone else. Enter, Kyle. My brother is continuing to be well-traveled, still attempting to be glamorous, and somewhat succeeding at one-upping me and my desk-job in the good ol’ US of A by working in Switzerland and sending me emails from wi-fi enabled parks. All of this said, he is sadly less gifted at the art of storytelling. And I quote (right of out an email he sent me while quite possibly sitting outside next to/on top of a mountain):

“I pass this doorway every morning, but one day the shutter was down and I noticed the vibrant green. Dude I can’t do this haha. It just makes me think of the city. A little doorway in a quiet corner of a teeny town in Switzerland.”

Pure poetry. Also, this little guest appearance is a shameless plug. See some cool street art? Send it my way and I’ll put it on my blog. I’m a really good at sharing…

from switzerland with love


october 2013


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